[09:08] christan swingers animals
[09:08] All feel guilty today? 'say yeh!'
[09:13] ehm
[09:13] wtf?
[09:14] ;) morge ripcord.. uitgeweest gister, altijd goed voor extra impuls in de morgen
[09:18] I hope that's drugs ordered by a doctor, not the guy hanging on the street. Please behave in somewhat sensible manner.
[09:19] Rome was not build in one day eivuokko
[09:20] * eivuokko sets mode: +b *!*goezzi@*
[09:20] * You were kicked by eivuokko (Same goes for this channel. We spent time to make it nice place.)
[09:20] * Attempting to rejoin channel #c++
[09:20] * Unable to join channel (address is banned)
[09:23] -> *eivuokko* you know what this is about, your action reflects your own disrespect and intent